Rules for Push Notifications campaigns

  1. 1. Landing pages must not be of poor quality (contain typos, misleading images, empty pages, etc.).
  2. 2. Campaign material containing the following acts are not permitted: extreme violence, abuse, rape, blood, incest, scatophilia, urination, bestiality.
  3. 3. Gambling or online betting products are not permitted in campaigns targeting the United States.
  4. 4. No visible nudity, no nipples, genitals, etc., no pornographic wording, nо provocative poses.
  5. 5. Dating products clearly oriented to sexual encounters
  6. 6. Provocative wording (including Violence/ Terrorism, etc)
  7. 7. Brand logos / brand references (not acceptable is to use brand logos on the icons apart from the products that can be produced by these brands; to use icons of mobile / desktop applications; etc)
  8. 8. Fake Scareware Alerts are not permitted
  9. 9. Malware/Phishing are not permitted
  10. 10. Promotion of alcohol, tobacco or drugs is not permitted
  11. 11. Campaigns containing Browser lockers/Ransomware are not permitted.
  12. 12. Backjacking and Auto redirection (forcing the visitor away from the publisher site) are not permitted
  13. 13. Banners showing a phone number must use the CPM/Smart CPM pricing model (CPC is not allowed)
  14. 14. Push notification campaigns with prelanders and landing pages focused on collecting subscribers are not accepted.
  15. 15. Political advertising is prohibited.

Please note: your creatives must comply with the policies above, otherwise it can be rejected / removed as harmful for our publishers.