We are VYADD

The key to effective ads is automatization. Advertising has never been so fast before. RTB makes it work in seconds helping publishers get money for their websites or apps, and making advertisers sure that their ads would get to the goal.

Having quality as the main goal of our work we never stop sorting the best possible sources and ads for our both-sides partners using the combinations of tools to check the traffic and creatives quality.

In 2019 we connected 52 DSPs and 39 SSPs, along with exclusive direct advertisers and publishers, who contains nearly 65% of the whole list of VYADD partners.

Our unwavering commitment to quality drives our continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and software development. Our skilled developers work tirelessly to optimize ad delivery, ensuring efficient and effective results for both publishers and advertisers in VYADD.

Join our exchange of young, daring and successful and let’s make money!