We diligently support all the leading integration methods prevailing in industry and carefully monitoring the main trends that appear.
Open RTB
Publishers can adopt oRTB specifications to connect to the programmatic marketplace and trade individual ad impressions in real time. The ads are targeted, optimized and transacted programmatically, which reduces the workload for publishers. VYADD s.r.o. marketplace works via oRTB protocol v2.4 and upper.
JS Tags
JavaScript (JS) tags are an alternative to SDK. The pieces of code can be added to the app or website code, without the integration process. The tags transmit all types of advertising formats, including video, native and playable ads. JS tags also transmit targeting and privacy requirements according to the industry standards.
Header bidding
Header Bidding is a programmatic technique where a user (as, header bidding is still done client-side by most publishers and the browser makes a lot of calls) sends the impression key to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously, retrieves the bid values, and then calls the adserver to display the winning creative.
XML - is basically a connector that acts as a "translator" between customers and suppliers allowing different formats or programming languages ​​(usually XML) to be compatible.
API - refers to how two or more applications can be connected to each other via their APIs to perform some joint function...using the API layer of two or more applications to make them talk to each other.