Real-time bidding platform smartly combines programmatic and direct inventory within a global auction.

VYADD s.r.o is currently operating 50+ DSPs and SSPs including its own, connected to more than 3.5k direct publishers that allows us to get the exclusive access to in-app and mobile web impressions, spanning across all geos and most of available ad formats.

Push notifications
Native advertising

Video Ad Experiences


In-stream offers the ability to play an ad.
Out-stream offers playing the ad when it comes into view and pauses when out of view.
Interstitial ad unit is a full-screen ad that appears at natural transition points.

Video Ad Formats for CTV

The CTV/OTT ad industry is growing rapidly and we in VYADD are equipping the partners with impactful ad formats that
allow them to take maximum advantage.
Pre-roll video ads
  • - displayed before the main piece of content
  • - the most memorized ad
  • - results in growing sales, as well as brand awareness
Mid-roll video ads
  • - displayed during the main content
  • - TV-like user experience
  • - viewers don't feel reluctant to mid-rolls
Post-roll video ads
  • - displayed after the main content
  • - least distracting as they don't affect a user's viewing experience
  • - viewers are most likely to take the desired action after watching a post-roll ad
Pause video ads
Ensures a high view rate for it is displayed when the viewers' eyes are on the screen and they are paying close attention to the message in it.

DPS Targeting

We support the most advanced targeting features.


Choose country and location

action type

Choose the model of auction you or your partners prefer, change it as the demand is changing.


Set any limit for the response time in the requests your partners are getting according to their needs.


Set any limit for the prices of the inventory that is sent to your partners, be flexible.


Target your campaigns for particular exchanges or direct publishers.

DeviceS os

Android, IOS, Windows, etc.

Wifi/Carrier Targeting

Target your campaigns for particular exchanges or direct publishers.

Cherry Pick App/Site

Wide range of Blacklist and White list possibilities. Blacklist or Whitelist Sites or/and Apps, Pub ids, creatives, and specific supply or/and demand partners according to your current needs.

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